Class Descriptions

Whether you are new to yoga or looking to refine your practice, the Iyengar method offers a way in.  This tradition of teaching is known for its clear instruction and attention to detail, and when necessary,  for the use of props to adapt the practice to the specific needs of the student. It is a beautiful and challenging practice to support the body, the mind, and the whole being.


Iyengar Yoga Basics: Introduction to standing poses, backward extensions, forward extensions, sitting poses, inversions, twists and balance poses. We will cover sequences at the introductory level, to give the student an overall insight on the wide range of possibilities that Iyengar Yoga has to offer.

Iyengar Yoga Level 1: This class will guide the student in the progression of practice in all categories of asana. Inversions will be introduced and practiced in every class.

Back Care Series: Series of 5 classes for all those who wish to practice yoga but hesitate because of back pain. I will cover basic yoga postures and developmental movement to alleviate, rest, guide and strengthen your back. Emphasis is placed on teaching the student how to take care of her/himself with these techniques.

This class can be an excellent complement to medical and therapeutic treatments, because it teaches progression towards healthy movement and posture. When in pain, working with a certified and competent therapist/physician is strongly recommended. I also recommend the students to have a clear knowledge of the sources and diagnosis of their back pain. 

Yoga Wall: The principles of Iyengar yoga ropes wall and the use of props to create traction and a deeper experience of the body and poses. 

Yoga Wall Restore: A deeply relaxing practice of supported poses, guided relaxation and breathing practices.

Gentle Yoga: This is a moderately paced, less rigorous class for new and continuing students. Principles of yoga, posture and movement are introduced.

Students with health conditions that have been cleared to do yoga by their physician are welcome to try this class. Those in pain due to injuries, please speak to me before beginning your yoga program. This class uses props every time (2-3 blankets, blocks, straps, etc). Please make sure you buy your yoga props before joining the class.

Experiential Anatomy – Moving from Within: Welcome to Experiential Anatomy in the tradition of the School for Body-Mind Centering!

I will help you explore the human body from structure to movement function. You will investigate and understand your own experience of stability and mobility. This class is a mix of lecture, discussion and movement. Come ready to explore and learn. The information, insight, and techniques we use and practice are a step towards embodiment.  Yoga teachers can apply credit hours with Yoga Alliance.

Guided Somatic Meditation and Mindfulness: Come and learn how to relax from within, how to explore the inner landscape of the body, the mind and the breath. Class is mostly practice. A few minutes are dedicated to discussion on the topic of meditation and mindfulness.

Private One-on-One Sessions: Private sessions can help create a home practice or re-start a practice that has been interrupted. It can complement a busy schedule, when working hours don’t allow the student to participate in a group class. It can answer questions about poses, personal practice, sequencing and the practice of yoga and movement to complement other activities.

Beyond Asana Yoga Course: Having a strong foundation of the principles of yoga is beneficial in that it can solidify your practice.

Patanjali indicates in Yoga Sutra II.46 that an asana should be done with stability and contentment. How can we practice toward that goal? The tools of Iyengar yoga give us clear directions – analysis in action, the application of alignment, observation of the body from inside and outside, and presence of mind in the practice of concentration.

If you would like to hone your yoga knowledge and practice, in this comprehensive mini series we will study many aspects of this ancient art and science. The intention being to answer your questions about yoga, its philosophy and practice, the different branches that encompass yoga and the possibilities for bringing greater physical and spiritual personal growth. Each class will have practice, theory, discussion and guided homework for you to deepen your skills in the field of yoga.

Iyengar Yoga for Women’s Health, 5 – Class Series: Understand, connect to and begin to reclaim and integrate the territory of the pelvis, hips, lumbar, sacrum and coccyx through Embodied Anatomy, Developmental Movement, and Iyengar Yoga Restorative and Therapeutic techniques. Work with the organic and morphologic structures that we carry inside: the organic body, systems, and our sacred organs. Access the wisdom within. it’s been there all along. Discover the subtle and finer adjustments while practicing on and off the mat. With calmness, patience and suspended time, I will guide each student in the art of practicing restorative and therapeutic sequences for this important area of wisdom and life. Each session is unique, but will build off the previous one. BUT! I know individual schedules can change, so even if you miss some, you will still get so much out of these series!

I have developed this project because I believe that every woman, regardless of age, can access the wisdom and beauty of her organic body through yoga.

Quiet Yoga: When the awareness of the body moves beyond the muscle-skeletal, there’s a call for integration of all the layers of the being. Restorative yoga is the art of long held, supported asana. Iyengar yoga has a long tradition of restorative practices, where we work with quietude, breath, body systems and organs in a much deeper way than in regular asana class. The Indian practice of Mauna means silence, silence of mind, as in the attitude of silence. In this class series we will apply the idea of silence and quietude to continue our observation of the organic layer of the being, the pranamaya rosa. We will combine the restorative asanas with the practice and experiencing of silence as a pure state of being. This class series will dedicate each week to one of those special sequences to foster and create quiet, rest the nervous system and fill up the natural energy reserves of the body. Building up on the Women Class Series, each week will concentrate on a special sequence to restore our connection to the body, mind and soul.

Week 1: The Woman’s Restorative Sequence

Week 2: Supporting Your Immune System

Week 3: Calming the Mind

Week 4: Working with Insomnia

Week 5: Working with Fatigue

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All classes introduce principles of breath, awareness and alignment to work with strength, flexibility, balance and freedom in practice.