Poems and Musings

The Most Important is the Ability to Manage Stress

The most important is the ability to manage stress. There’s a product, on a shelf called “Self Trust”. It is very available. Go get it. Open it. It’s yours.

Self Trust is very connected to Self-Love, the two have a direct line of connection.

We can find more available time to meditate with these things. At the end of our yoga, we can linger with the feeling of wellness. Instead of getting up and quickly move into the next thing in the program of our day, we can spend more time resting body-mind and spirit. Quietly breathing with no other agenda than just being.

Before we go to sleep, and when we wake up, we can relax every single muscle and let go into a space of quiet tranquility. There’s a power of intentionality that we have and that we can use to keep distressing thoughts and feelings out for a moment.

Eventually, we need to acknowledge stress too. It is a part of us, part of our reality. Stress and distress also need our love and comprehension. Sometimes they need all of our attention.

But not when we are relaxing and when we are experiencing bliss. Bliss is a rare, a precious commodity. I’m sure most of us have experienced it without knowing it as such. Perhaps watching the star heaven on a perfect night at the beach somewhere?

You got this, perhaps not the way you think. It is definitely not what we think. It is much more complex. We are not powerless. We too are complex beings. The whole purpose with yoga is integration. Connection and unity with all that is. In one second it is done.

Once you realize that you are here now, breathe. Grounding, experience space. In terms of the body, we are body parts and systems yes, and much more than that. Not just parcel and parts. Let the breath remove all these words. Ground, experience, and love yourself. Cultivate  trust.

Meditation is the capacity to experience your self alive, and to be with things as they are. In meditation we can learn to manage stress. Yoga is meditation in action, teaching us how we move and create shape.

After meditation we can go back to our day and continue with spring cleaning. Therein lie the complexity and the simplicity. It can all be done.

Patricia Videgain