“I started my yoga practice because I wanted to supplement my running program with a way to enhance my overall health and well being. I heard so much about yoga and its benefits that I decided to give it a try. Since I am a type A person, I felt that yoga would help me learn how to balance my emotions, help me learn how to breathe and enrich my overall health. As I have continued my practice, yoga has done everything that I wanted and expected. I have truly enjoyed being a student of Patricia’s and will continue to derive the benefits that yoga promotes”. Jo Brady, Yoga student

“I took Patricia’s experiential anatomy classes as part of the 50 hrs yoga immersion class. It provided me with a broader understanding of the intricate workings of the human body, and enabled me to deepen my yoga practice by getting a better grasp on the archeology of each asana. Patricia is a wonderful teacher, she has the ability to be precise, technical and exacting on one hand, yet to be warm, nurturing and compassionate on the other. She beautifully blends her wealth of experiential and factual knowledge with the wisdom of her many years of practice. The result was a challenging and deeply informative class, which Patricia infused with lightheartedness and fun! A highly enjoyable class, not only covering detailed anatomy, but teaching us in-depth awareness of our own anatomy, through actually experiencing our own body systems (skeletal, muscular, etc…). It was an excellent experience that provided me with a true balance of essentials; combining philosophy, anatomy and asanas. ” Dagmar Schlager, Yoga student

“Patricia’s translation will change the way you practice or teach yoga. Her analysis of data and literature on the human anatomy gives her the depth of knowledge needed to conceptualize the body, mind and heart as a fully integrated whole.” Joh Mahal, Yoga teacher

“Patricia is an inspirational meditation instructor. Her dedication and enthusiasm to the practice of meditation and to her students is immediately apparent and is reflected in her strong following. Perhaps most remarkable is Patricia’s thirst for knowledge, which results in her constantly sharing new information and teachings with her students. I am grateful to Patricia for her encouragement and support of my meditation practice. Patricia uses somatic meditation to take us on a relaxing journey through our bodies using our breath, leaving us refreshed and peaceful.” Melanie Lester

“My posture, range of motion, & balance are greatly improved as a result of regular weekly classes with Patricia. In many movements used in daily living I feel like a kid again. I’m thrilled with the progress & the positive difference that yoga has made in my life & that’s attributable to Patricia…one of the happiest persons u’ll ever meet who just happens to be my yoga instructor.” Namaste, Ed Heath